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Roots Bloody Roots

Live performance based on the song Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura.
Explores the expanded field of meditation and metal music.
By Helene Torp and Lars Kenneth Westby
© Soundtrack is used for artistic purposes only

A portrait of a man and a plant

Portraits of humans and plants
My latest project is a series of portraits of people and their plants.
I visit them at home and they talk about their life and how they connect and live
with their living plants. This is a part of my calling to make art on how to raise sensitivity and respect for all nature and the earth.

Portraits of humans and plants
Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum
5.40 min., HD, 2017-18
©Helene Torp 2018
Supported by Vederlagsfondet project grant

Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum

Stills from the film
A portrait of a man and a plant. Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum, © Helene Torp

Stills from the film
A portrait of a man and a plant. Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum © Helene Torp

Stills from the film
A portrait of a man and a plant. Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum © Helene Torp

Stills from the film
A portrait of a man and a plant. Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum © Helene Torp

Power To Live, Oslo BOA 2017

Power To Live, A Tribute To The White Chestnut trees in Oslo, BOA 2017
Gallery BOA, Helene Torp & Hege Liseth
Co-creators performance,Lars-Kenneth Westby, Aase Hilde Brekke, Torun Avelsgaard Lien
Photograhy: Adrian Bugge Documentation performance, Thomas Roaldsnes Thanks to Nordens Lys for the Music of the plant machine.

Being God

Title: Being God

An ongoing project

Being God is a series of videos about people who dive into the oceans of the mystic, climb mountains to see the “big” picture.  The films are both documentary and staged, beautiful, disturbing close-ups. This is our celebration of people who search for inner peace by taking back their own power in search for an honest and real life.
Being God
Hd video, 1 min pilot. skisse

Filmen er under produksjon i manus og research fase.
40 min. basert på film råmateriale, tegninger, lydopptak.
Teknikk: animasjon, dokumentariske og iscenesatte deler.
Being God handler om det moderne menneskets søken etter et meningsfullt liv. Dette er en reise til outsideren som veksler mellom opplysthet, psykoser og andre dimensjoner. Tar for seg viktige problemstillinger i forhold til psykisk sykdom i samfunnet og forskning på hjernen.
Basert på film råmateriale, tegninger, lydopptak.
Teknikk: animasjon, dokumentariske og iscenesatte deler.


Faith, hope and honesty

FAITH, HOPE AND HONESTY Helene Torp © 2015

Faith, hope and honesty deals with love at a really high – and low – level. We meet Jens and Lena, who know the art of war. Primitive and highly complex conversations occur. when ego meets reality.It deals with power, knowledge and manners and a strong resentment, antipathy when the ego meets reality.

The artist received a diploma and an honorary mention for scriptwriting from the Writers’ Guild of Norway for the norwegian version at the Norwegian Short Film Festival. It exhibited at Galleri F-15 and the annual Autumn Exhibition, Kunstneres Hus, OsloThe film is 23 min. long and the most comprehensive work Torp has made ​​to date.

For the norwegian version Torp received a diploma and an honorable mention from the Norwegian Dramatiker (playwriter) assosiation for screenwriting at the Norwegian short film Festival.  Premiere was at Gallery F-15 and National annual exhibition. Supported by the norwegian artist´s compensation fund and Norwegian Council and Østfold county / municipality of Fredrikstad.

Faith, Hope and Honesty © 

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White Lies White Light

White Lights White Light, still image blue

White Lights White Light, still image blue

White Lies White Light
Experimental animation
HD 16:9, 2.30 min.
2d, mixed media, ink on paper, crayons.
My ego wants fear,prayers for the world.

To see this movie please contact me. More video art here!

I Give Birth To Aliens

I Give Birth To Aliens Helene Torp ©

I Give Birth To Aliens
Helene Torp ©

Title: I Give Birth To Aliens

Under production 

Experimental animation by Helene Torp © Hd video, animation

A poetic and personal  journey on how the artist struggle and  play between worlds of politics, shamanism, family life and high and lows in moods and energy.  How to see the lager picture in everyday life and everyday life in the lager picture and utopia? Does life take care of itself?
First into the my cave…finding some deep digging stuff. A brainwash is needed. My head is full of all sorts of inspirations. I feels like I have during the last years, been on a spiritual journey into space? A heavy mental and spiritual one. I want to explore how this has affected me as a human being. Is it like being God?

More video art here!


Heavy Heaven

Heavy Heaven by Helene Torp ©

HEAVY HEAVEN  Animation 6 minutes, HD, drawings,animations & music by Helene Torp © 2010

Made exclusively for Drawing Biennial 2010, curated by Susanne Altmann and Stefan Schroder. The film is about one a sentimental relation to a lost macho culture. Heavy Heaven is also a selection of the highlights of the Biennale and shown by Tegneforbundet autumn 2010. Year taken out to the main program at The norwegian national Short Film Festival  2011.

Supported by the Norwegian Council.


Best Practice

Best Practice                        by Helene Torp ©

Best Practice by Helene Torp ©

BEST PRACTICE  Script & animation and sound: Helene Torp

HD 2004-2005, 10 min.

The tyranny of efficiency and a competitive mentality were Helene Torp´s inspiration when making the animated film, Best practice, 2004-05, in which she deals with current lifestyle issues in a chaotic and massive propaganda-filled visual manner, with a strong focus on morals. The themes are taken from the invisible world and combined with experiences from life itself. ” Your thoughts swirl and suddenly truths from nowhere appear. Cold and confused you run home to work on your own karma and take a conscious decision in life. Is this life something I want to be a part of?”

The film was shown at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm as part of the Blick screening program, the Norwegian Short film festival, the annual national Autumn exhibition in Oslo and in a number of other places. The film was produced with the support of the norwegian Art Council.

The film is available for viewing! Enjoy!!

Norwegian version will soon be available for viewing!

Into The Sun

Into The Sun 06


Into The Sun

Hd, 33 min. sound, collaboration Helene Torp & Hege Liseth © 2015

Director, script and editing, sound: Helene Torp & Hege Liseth

About the film :

Into The Sun relating to metaphysics and the theory that every moment is a new reality.
This is a conversation between two artists where reality and fantasy merge . Explores concepts like infinity, freedom of titles and society as a miniature world.
The recordings are done first take and it is placed on an uncensored version in which it strongly alternates between intellect and emotions , abstractions and concrete reality where the artist represents the transition between the different realities and shift between them. Alchemy. Power to live in a modern world.

Om filmen:
Into The Sun relaterer seg til metafysikken og teorien om at hvert øyeblikk er en ny virkelighet.Dette er en samtale mellom to kunstnere hvor virkelighet og fantasi smelter sammen. Her utforskes begreper som uendelighet, frihet fra titler, samfunnet som en miniatyrverden.

Opptakene er gjort first take og det er lagt vekt på en usensurert versjon hvor det sterkt veksler mellom intellektet og følelser, abstraksjoner og konkret virkelighet hvor kunstneren representerer overgangen mellom de ulike virkelighetene og skiftet mellom de.

Language, norwegian.

English subtitles

The film is available for viewing on request.