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Tenthaus Oslo

It is all forgiven, remedies

It is all forgiven, remedies

Tenthaus Oslo
Spring Depot II
22.03 – 22.04. 2018

Welcome to Tenthaus Spring Depot II. On March 22, 7 pm Tenthaus Oslo will open its doors for an exhibition with art works selected by students attending Hersleb School´s elementary school program for migrants. The exhibition will show works by 48 artists, as well as documentation from the process´ leading up to the exhibition.

22.03 – 22.04. 2018
Tenthaus Oslo, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo
Open Friday-Sunday 1 – 5 pm (closed at Easter 30.03 – 01.04)
Opening 22 March at 7:00 p.m.

Spring Depot II 2018 is based on an Open Call for artists to submit smaller scale works that would fit into a prearranged shelving system. The international jury, aged between 16-20, collaborated with the Tenthaus Artist Collective to select art for Spring Depot II based on their curiosity and interests. During three sessions at the school, all 65 submitted works were presented and thoroughly discussed. Then the artists later met the youngsters in the gallery, where the young people have unwrapped, and chosen the placing of the work to make an interesting exhibition with its own unity.

The talks between the artists and the students are an essential part of the project. How did you made this? What does it mean? What is sculpture, an installation, a soundwork? Can a crate of beer be called art?

Participating artists are Tine Aamodt, Jannik Abel, Hedda Roterud Amundsen, Vibeke Frost Andersen, Kjersti Austdal, Siri Austeen, Åslaug Krokann Berg, Line Berget, Johan Urban Bergquist, Bjørn Bjarre, Hild Borchgrevink, Stein Are Kjærås Dahl, Helene Duckert, Anne Liv Einarsen, Eli Eines, Glen Farley, Thale Fastvold, Amy Franceschini, Hilde Frantzen, Andrea Galiazzo, Joana Gelazyte, Elna Hagemann, Daniel Hansen, Tsanko Hristov, Øyunn Hustveit, Mathilda Höög, Sabina Jacobsson, Mariana R Jaskowsky, Kjersti Countries, Grete Marstein Øyvind Mellbye, Ingvild Brekke Myklebust, Anni Onsager, Kirsten Opstad, Julie Oredam, Lisa Pacini, Klara Pousette, ShwanDlerQaradaki, Astrid Runde Saxegaard, Ulla Schildt, Julie Skarland, Øyvind Sørfjordmo, Helene Torp, Bente Tømmerås, True Solvang Vevatne, Maria Viirros, Allyce Wood

Tenthaus Spring Depot II is an exhibition that is developed around a frame of shelves, originally a work of art by Stefan Schröder entitled Archive. My thoughts, your actions (2013), which was shown at the Norwegian Sculpture Biennal, as well as at Tenthaus Oslo during Spring Depot 2015 curated by Rachel Dagnall. The concept is further developed with Winter Depot at Galleri Box in Gothenburg (2018) and culminating with Spring Depot II at Tenthaus Oslo.

To My Lover

To My Lover.
A spontaneous talk to my lover, best friend and inspiration. First take.
In english. 2.49 min.

Public art

“LoveSplash LightLove”

Ink drawings, perplex frame. Torp & Liseth 2013

In relation to the exhibition Lovesplash Lightlove, we made a serie of round perplex mounted ink-drawings. We would like to have the opportunity to develop this “splash” of drawings for a specific site.

View the drawings for the exhibition HERE1461138_325629047579343_1244079976_n

“Endless Love“

Idea for wallpainting, Torp & Liseth 2013

Competition proposal for a hospital chapel / Konkurranse utkast for kapellet, Nytt sykehus Østfold.

View more HERE



Video animation, Oslo Central station, Helene Torp 2008

The film won the competition, “Privatlivets Fred” (Private Life), and was shown at Oslo Central station (Oct/Nov 2008), initiated by Koro (Public Art Norway), the Data Inspectorate and Rom for kunst Mesen.

View more HERE112a1307

Faith, Hope and Honesty © Helene Torp

Faith, Hope and Honesty © Helene Torp

Contact information

Helene Torp  mail: studio (at) helenetorp.com

mob: 0047 41656620




(video 7.5 min. HD )

Cast:Linda Skaaret Director, script and editing, sound: Helene Torp

Portrait of ambitious Greta and inner drama and mental state shifting feelings of power, lust and idealism.

First shown at the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art in 2011 Supported by the National cultural council.

Sabotage by Helene Torp ©

by Helene Torp ©

The full lenght film is available for viewing on request.See an 1.min. exerpt here:


Friends/ Public Art

Video animation,  Oslo Central station, Helene Torp 

Privatlivets fred var et kunstprosjekt om personvern, frihet og integritet. Prosjektet var et samarbeid mellom Datatilsynet, Kunst i offentlige rom (KORO) og Rom for kunst, og presenterte fire kunstverk med personvern som tema. Verkene var valgt ut på bakgrunn av en idékonkurranse som ble holdt våren 2008. Juryens uttalelse kan du lese her.

Jury statement”Friends (Venner) is a video animation consisting of simple drawings and short everyday messages, where the content and form appear as a wonderful mix of public and private life. The artist examines how the abbreviated language of texts, Facebook and advertising infiltrates other communication. “Friends” walks a tightrope between
humour and an underlying serious message. In a world where a wrong keystroke can broadcast the most intimate details it is easy for the results to become confusing. The film is clever, playful and accessible.”  Curated by Rom for kunst

Vi har alle noe vi ikke ønsker å dele med andre. Ikke fordi vi gjør noe ulovlig eller har noe å skjule, men rett og slett fordi vi vil være i fred. Personvern handler om at man har behov for å sette grenser for hvor nært innpå seg man vil slippe andre. Retten til privatlivets fred har en verdi som er vanskelig å måle. Mange av oss ser verdien først når personopplysninger er på avveie og vi føler at vår egen integritet trues.



The film won the competition, “Privatlivets Fred” (Private Life),
and was shown at Oslo Central station (Oct/Nov 2008), initiated by Koro (Public Art Norway), the Data Inspectorate and Rom for kunst Mesen.

Jury: Georg Apenes, Datatilsynet, Trude Talberg-Furulund, Datatilsynet, Vibeke Christensen, Kulturbyrået Mesén, Ketil Nergaard, visual artist,Yngvild Færøy, artisti  and  boardleader, initiated by  KORO