I Give Birth To Aliens Helene Torp ©

I Give Birth To Aliens
Helene Torp ©

Title: I Give Birth To Aliens

Under production 

Experimental animation by Helene Torp © Hd video, animation

A poetic and personal  journey on how the artist struggle and  play between worlds of politics, shamanism, family life and high and lows in moods and energy.  How to see the lager picture in everyday life and everyday life in the lager picture and utopia? Does life take care of itself?
First into the my cave…finding some deep digging stuff. A brainwash is needed. My head is full of all sorts of inspirations. I feels like I have during the last years, been on a spiritual journey into space? A heavy mental and spiritual one. I want to explore how this has affected me as a human being. Is it like being God?

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