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Epipremnum Aureum – Portrait of a man and a plant

Statens 131. kunstutstilling
Høstutstillingen 2018
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 8. september – 14. october, Oslo

Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum

Stills from the film
A portrait of a man and a plant. Kenneth Westby, Epipremnum Aureum

Epipremnum Aureum
Portrait of a man and a plant

Devil’s Ivy, Epipremnum aureum

Theme of the project is ecology, environment, consumption. Investigates the value and presence of house plants in the lives of different people. The life stories of the main characters in the portraits are intertwined with the history of the plant. It is focus on people who have a special and close relationship with selected plants. Lars Kenneth Westby is the main character of the plant portrait Gullranke, Epipremnum aureum

Installation view, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Video installation
Hd video 10 min. ladder, plant
Helene Torp © 2018

More info: https://www.hostutstillingen.no/

Performance Alt er Tilgitt / It Is All Forgiven Othocallis siberica,

Sibirica, dried plant harvested in the north

Helene Torp
Performance ritual
Alt er Tilgitt / It Is All Forgiven
Othocallis siberica

By Helene Torp
With: Helene Torp, Lars Kenneth Westby, Aase-Hilde Brekke
Høstutstillingen 2018 Statens 131. kunstutstilling
Kunstnernes Hus Oslo

Jeg setter meg ned ved planten, blir planten, lytter og skriver ned det jeg hører. Blomsten Scilla brer seg ut over plenen i hager og langs veikanter om våren og plantes om høsten.
Den har sin opprinnelse fra Syria, Irak og Sør Russland. Den fortalte meg at den bærer med seg kraften til enhet mellom kulturer. Den sa Alt Er Tilgitt. I fortid, nåtid og framtid.

Dette er et rituale og en hyllest til tilgivelsens rå kraft.
Jeg inviterer publikum til å delta i et lyttende dypdykk og omskapelse av
de store og små kriger.

Helene Torp,
Fredrikstad, august 2018

I sit down by the plant, meditate with the plant, listen and write down what I hear. The flower Scilla spreads over the lawn in gardens and along roadsides in the spring and is planted in the fall.It originates from Syria, Iraq and South Russia. It told me that it carries the power of unity between cultures. It said everything is forgiven. In past, present and future.

This is a performance, a ritual and a tribute to the raw power of forgiveness.
I invite the audience to participate in a listening and transformation of
the big and small wars.

Helene Torp,
Fredrikstad, august 2018

In Process, preparing for ritual

Sibirica, I listen

∞ Open Studio 20. okt. 2019 ∞

Shaman series#No.2

Shaman series#No.2

Open Studio 20. okt. 2019, 12-17
Åpne atelier Østfold 2019
søndag 20. oktober kl. 12-17

Helene Torp Studio
Ferjestedsveien 5, 2d floor
(Østfold Kunstsenter)
1606 Fredrikstad
mob. 0047 41656620

Drawings, Sound, Paintings, Essences

For fjerde gang arrangerer ØKS «ÅPNE ATELIER ØSTFOLD». Kunstnere fra hele fylket inviterer publikum inn i sine atelierer og verksteder. Her kan du oppleve kunst før den tar veien ut i gallerier, museer og det offentlige rom, og se hvordan kunstnerens arbeidsplass fungerer. En gylden mulighet til å få et innblikk i hva som rører seg i Østfolds kunstliv!

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Tenthaus Oslo

It is all forgiven, remedies

It is all forgiven, remedies

Tenthaus Oslo
Spring Depot II
22.03 – 22.04. 2018

Welcome to Tenthaus Spring Depot II. On March 22, 7 pm Tenthaus Oslo will open its doors for an exhibition with art works selected by students attending Hersleb School´s elementary school program for migrants. The exhibition will show works by 48 artists, as well as documentation from the process´ leading up to the exhibition.

22.03 – 22.04. 2018
Tenthaus Oslo, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo
Open Friday-Sunday 1 – 5 pm (closed at Easter 30.03 – 01.04)
Opening 22 March at 7:00 p.m.

Spring Depot II 2018 is based on an Open Call for artists to submit smaller scale works that would fit into a prearranged shelving system. The international jury, aged between 16-20, collaborated with the Tenthaus Artist Collective to select art for Spring Depot II based on their curiosity and interests. During three sessions at the school, all 65 submitted works were presented and thoroughly discussed. Then the artists later met the youngsters in the gallery, where the young people have unwrapped, and chosen the placing of the work to make an interesting exhibition with its own unity.

The talks between the artists and the students are an essential part of the project. How did you made this? What does it mean? What is sculpture, an installation, a soundwork? Can a crate of beer be called art?

Participating artists are Tine Aamodt, Jannik Abel, Hedda Roterud Amundsen, Vibeke Frost Andersen, Kjersti Austdal, Siri Austeen, Åslaug Krokann Berg, Line Berget, Johan Urban Bergquist, Bjørn Bjarre, Hild Borchgrevink, Stein Are Kjærås Dahl, Helene Duckert, Anne Liv Einarsen, Eli Eines, Glen Farley, Thale Fastvold, Amy Franceschini, Hilde Frantzen, Andrea Galiazzo, Joana Gelazyte, Elna Hagemann, Daniel Hansen, Tsanko Hristov, Øyunn Hustveit, Mathilda Höög, Sabina Jacobsson, Mariana R Jaskowsky, Kjersti Countries, Grete Marstein Øyvind Mellbye, Ingvild Brekke Myklebust, Anni Onsager, Kirsten Opstad, Julie Oredam, Lisa Pacini, Klara Pousette, ShwanDlerQaradaki, Astrid Runde Saxegaard, Ulla Schildt, Julie Skarland, Øyvind Sørfjordmo, Helene Torp, Bente Tømmerås, True Solvang Vevatne, Maria Viirros, Allyce Wood

Tenthaus Spring Depot II is an exhibition that is developed around a frame of shelves, originally a work of art by Stefan Schröder entitled Archive. My thoughts, your actions (2013), which was shown at the Norwegian Sculpture Biennal, as well as at Tenthaus Oslo during Spring Depot 2015 curated by Rachel Dagnall. The concept is further developed with Winter Depot at Galleri Box in Gothenburg (2018) and culminating with Spring Depot II at Tenthaus Oslo.

Fredslilje, Spathiphyllum alana

Fredslilje, Spathiphyllum alana
Dette er mitt møte med og en hyllest til Fredsliljen. En dag jeg kom på ateliet lå den helt nede. Halvdød, men ikke vissen. Jeg hadde glemt den helt. Ikke har jeg byttet jord på den på mange år heller. Jeg vannet og snakket med den. Kom tilbake noen dager etterpå og den var helt oppreist. Det sier mye om dens kvaliteter. Den tilgir for dårlig stell og reiser seg på en måte som vi mennesker bare kan drømme om. Det er en vanlig stueplante. Eller jeg føler den er en hyllest til de som har reist i krig og valgt fred, som flyktninger på reise og har fått det godt i seg selv eller på nye steder.

Spathiphyllum alana
This is my meeting with and a tribute to the plant called Peace Lily. One day I got to the studio it looked dead. Half dead, but not the done. I had forgotten it completely. I have not put new potting soil for it for many years either. I watered and talked with it. Came back a few days afterwards and it was completely alive. It says a lot about its qualities. It forgives for bad care and rises in a way that we humans can only dream of. It is a common living plant. Or I feel it is a tribute to those who have traveled in war and chose peace, as refugees traveling and have done well in themselves or in new places in a strange way.

Multitrippel Helium



Opening 14. of june 2018
Initiated by Tor-Magnus Lundeby
Helium prosjektrom https://www.prosjektromhelium.net/
Gamle Fredrikstad

Handmade medicine of Sibirica, It is All Forgiven. Made by H.Torp 30 ml. bottles.

Multitrippel market, Helium project space

Multitrippel market, Helium project space

Multitrippel market, Helium project space

Multitrippel market, Helium project space

It is all forgiven, Scilla ritual & performance © Helene Torp