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Tenthaus Oslo

It is all forgiven, remedies

It is all forgiven, remedies

Tenthaus Oslo
Spring Depot II
22.03 – 22.04. 2018

Welcome to Tenthaus Spring Depot II. On March 22, 7 pm Tenthaus Oslo will open its doors for an exhibition with art works selected by students attending Hersleb School´s elementary school program for migrants. The exhibition will show works by 48 artists, as well as documentation from the process´ leading up to the exhibition.

22.03 – 22.04. 2018
Tenthaus Oslo, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo
Open Friday-Sunday 1 – 5 pm (closed at Easter 30.03 – 01.04)
Opening 22 March at 7:00 p.m.

Spring Depot II 2018 is based on an Open Call for artists to submit smaller scale works that would fit into a prearranged shelving system. The international jury, aged between 16-20, collaborated with the Tenthaus Artist Collective to select art for Spring Depot II based on their curiosity and interests. During three sessions at the school, all 65 submitted works were presented and thoroughly discussed. Then the artists later met the youngsters in the gallery, where the young people have unwrapped, and chosen the placing of the work to make an interesting exhibition with its own unity.

The talks between the artists and the students are an essential part of the project. How did you made this? What does it mean? What is sculpture, an installation, a soundwork? Can a crate of beer be called art?

Participating artists are Tine Aamodt, Jannik Abel, Hedda Roterud Amundsen, Vibeke Frost Andersen, Kjersti Austdal, Siri Austeen, Åslaug Krokann Berg, Line Berget, Johan Urban Bergquist, Bjørn Bjarre, Hild Borchgrevink, Stein Are Kjærås Dahl, Helene Duckert, Anne Liv Einarsen, Eli Eines, Glen Farley, Thale Fastvold, Amy Franceschini, Hilde Frantzen, Andrea Galiazzo, Joana Gelazyte, Elna Hagemann, Daniel Hansen, Tsanko Hristov, Øyunn Hustveit, Mathilda Höög, Sabina Jacobsson, Mariana R Jaskowsky, Kjersti Countries, Grete Marstein Øyvind Mellbye, Ingvild Brekke Myklebust, Anni Onsager, Kirsten Opstad, Julie Oredam, Lisa Pacini, Klara Pousette, ShwanDlerQaradaki, Astrid Runde Saxegaard, Ulla Schildt, Julie Skarland, Øyvind Sørfjordmo, Helene Torp, Bente Tømmerås, True Solvang Vevatne, Maria Viirros, Allyce Wood

Tenthaus Spring Depot II is an exhibition that is developed around a frame of shelves, originally a work of art by Stefan Schröder entitled Archive. My thoughts, your actions (2013), which was shown at the Norwegian Sculpture Biennal, as well as at Tenthaus Oslo during Spring Depot 2015 curated by Rachel Dagnall. The concept is further developed with Winter Depot at Galleri Box in Gothenburg (2018) and culminating with Spring Depot II at Tenthaus Oslo.

Flower Wisdom by Helene Torp

Whispers and wonders from Mother Earth
“Art is a kind of first aid kit and a flower medicine. It heals,but it does not cover up the wounds” Rituals, performance and handcrafted flower essences for emotional healing.
-an ongoing project

I think we humans and animals have an opportunity to listen to nature’s very own characteristics. It is my own experience, but it requires a distinctive listening and trust that this listening is connected with nature and not just an expression of a mental force, a will, even if that force is a part of getting art and the remedies out in the world. I call it first-hand experience. The part of us who can put us in a state, where deep listening to nature is possible. I sit down by the flower or the bush, after a few hours or days of preparation in the spirit, I record og write down what I hear.

Helene Torp

Othocallis siberica
"It is all Forgiven"
Origin Syria, Irak and South of Russia.

“After flowering, the inflorescence sets on the ground with seeds that have an oily pendant. Ants love these seeds and drag them away and eat them. In this way the seeds are spread further. “

Everything is forgiven, future, past, present. This plant carries unity between cultures in the past, present and future time. Othocallis siberica is here to raise peace frequencies on the earth. It can be used for peace work in our time both personal or bigger wars.

Scilla sibirica

Scilla sibirica

Ribes Sanguineum
"Deeper Lasting Love"

“Trauma brought me here, the pain took me there, the shit took me here, blame and charges brought me here, my victim took me here, the courage took me here. I got hurt. I could not see myself in you, like the other, and not as one as part of myself. That you are you and I am me. That love is created from within in a center of stability and some of lasting value. The very self-love. ”

The plant is originally from the coastal area of North America ,
the current British Columbia, Washington , Oregon,
Idaho and California in the US and Canada

Ribes sanguineum © HeleneTorp & width=

Ribes sanguineum ©Helene Torp

I have 18 essences in my series. Please contact me for more information.

Laboratories of Helene Torp ©
22 th of april
9. lab8. Making

Noisy Prayer exhibition view

Exhibition – Galleri Vulkan September 6-21

“Noisy Prayer” explores metaphysical realities with different approaches to a non-physical and spiritual world. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography, video, sound work and various remedies that relate to each other in a playful way.

Power to live In a modern world, Almost There, Into The Sun, Entering With Sound, Sounds Of Mother Earth

Installation view:

Noisy Prayer exhibition view Exhibition in collaboration with Hege Liseth. Galleri Vulkan, Oslo

“Noisy Prayer” explores metaphysical realities with different approaches to a non-physical and spiritual world.

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography, video, sound work and various. The alternation between individual works relate to each other in a playful way and reveal different parts of the story. The paintings and drawings, all performative elements and expression of the movement of energy. To activate and set things in motion are articulated in different ways. Organic, fluid and abstract elements mix with simple line configurations where fantasy and reality are put under the microscope. All are products of the intuitive processes, most first take. Sound work also appears as a “stream of consiousness” with conversations in nature and with energies and intangible forces. A collection of self-produced remedies blends into the installation with message of strength and power to live in a modern world. Through video works, both documentary and staged elements, of what spiritual practice might be. One of the videos are taken from YouTube and shows Mooji ,a spiritual leader based in Portugal, who shares his thoughts on the Middle East problem, on about war, peace and human identity. Do we fight for peace? Torp & Liseth invited various people to participate with their comments and dialogue on peace.

“Noisy Prayer” utforsker metafysiske virkelighetsbilder med ulike innfallsvinkler til en ikke-fysisk/ åndelig verden.

Vekslingen mellom enkeltverk i ulike kunstneriske media er montert på en leken måte som forteller hver sin del av historien. Maleriene og tegningene har alle performative elementer og uttrykk for bevegelse av energi. Å aktivere, og å sette ting i bevegelse blir tematisert på ulike måter. Avtrykk av fingre gir nærvær og tilstedeværelse. Organiske, flytende og abstrakte elementer blander seg med enkle strekfigurasjoner hvor fantasi og virkelighet blir satt under lupen. Alle er produkter av intuitive arbeidsprosesser, mest mulig uredigert, som energibærere i seg selv. Lydarbeidene fremstår også som en “stream of consiousness”, med samtaler med naturen og med energier og immatrielle krefter. En samling egenproduserte blomsteressenser blandes inn i installasjonen med budskap og styrkedråper fra naturen. Gjennom videoarbeidene vises dokumentariske og iscenesatte elementer av hva spirituell praksis kan innebære. Et av videoverkene er hentet fra YouTube og viser en åndelig guru som deler sine tanker om midtøsten-problematikken, om krig, fred og menneskets identitet. Verket blir brukt som utgangspunkt for en dialog hvor kunstnerne har invitert ulike mennesker til å delta med sine kommentarer.

View the singular works in the exhibition here: