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Performance Alt er Tilgitt / It Is All Forgiven Othocallis siberica,

Sibirica, dried plant harvested in the north

Helene Torp
Performance ritual
Alt er Tilgitt / It Is All Forgiven
Othocallis siberica

By Helene Torp
With: Helene Torp, Lars Kenneth Westby, Aase-Hilde Brekke
Høstutstillingen 2018 Statens 131. kunstutstilling
Kunstnernes Hus Oslo

Jeg setter meg ned ved planten, blir planten, lytter og skriver ned det jeg hører. Blomsten Scilla brer seg ut over plenen i hager og langs veikanter om våren og plantes om høsten.
Den har sin opprinnelse fra Syria, Irak og Sør Russland. Den fortalte meg at den bærer med seg kraften til enhet mellom kulturer. Den sa Alt Er Tilgitt. I fortid, nåtid og framtid.

Dette er et rituale og en hyllest til tilgivelsens rå kraft.
Jeg inviterer publikum til å delta i et lyttende dypdykk og omskapelse av
de store og små kriger.

Helene Torp,
Fredrikstad, august 2018

I sit down by the plant, meditate with the plant, listen and write down what I hear. The flower Scilla spreads over the lawn in gardens and along roadsides in the spring and is planted in the fall.It originates from Syria, Iraq and South Russia. It told me that it carries the power of unity between cultures. It said everything is forgiven. In past, present and future.

This is a performance, a ritual and a tribute to the raw power of forgiveness.
I invite the audience to participate in a listening and transformation of
the big and small wars.

Helene Torp,
Fredrikstad, august 2018

In Process, preparing for ritual

Sibirica, I listen

Flower Wisdom by Helene Torp

Whispers and wonders from Mother Earth
“Art is a kind of first aid kit and a flower medicine. It heals,but it does not cover up the wounds” Rituals, performance and handcrafted flower essences for emotional healing.
-an ongoing project

I think we humans and animals have an opportunity to listen to nature’s very own characteristics. It is my own experience, but it requires a distinctive listening and trust that this listening is connected with nature and not just an expression of a mental force, a will, even if that force is a part of getting art and the remedies out in the world. I call it first-hand experience. The part of us who can put us in a state, where deep listening to nature is possible. I sit down by the flower or the bush, after a few hours or days of preparation in the spirit, I record og write down what I hear.

Helene Torp

Othocallis siberica
"It is all Forgiven"
Origin Syria, Irak and South of Russia.

“After flowering, the inflorescence sets on the ground with seeds that have an oily pendant. Ants love these seeds and drag them away and eat them. In this way the seeds are spread further. “

Everything is forgiven, future, past, present. This plant carries unity between cultures in the past, present and future time. Othocallis siberica is here to raise peace frequencies on the earth. It can be used for peace work in our time both personal or bigger wars.

Scilla sibirica

Scilla sibirica

Ribes Sanguineum
"Deeper Lasting Love"

“Trauma brought me here, the pain took me there, the shit took me here, blame and charges brought me here, my victim took me here, the courage took me here. I got hurt. I could not see myself in you, like the other, and not as one as part of myself. That you are you and I am me. That love is created from within in a center of stability and some of lasting value. The very self-love. ”

The plant is originally from the coastal area of North America ,
the current British Columbia, Washington , Oregon,
Idaho and California in the US and Canada

Ribes sanguineum © HeleneTorp & width=

Ribes sanguineum ©Helene Torp

I have 18 essences in my series. Please contact me for more information.

Laboratories of Helene Torp ©
22 th of april
9. lab8. Making

Faith, hope and honesty

FAITH, HOPE AND HONESTY Helene Torp © 2015

Faith, hope and honesty deals with love at a really high – and low – level. We meet Jens and Lena, who know the art of war. Primitive and highly complex conversations occur. when ego meets reality.It deals with power, knowledge and manners and a strong resentment, antipathy when the ego meets reality.

The artist received a diploma and an honorary mention for scriptwriting from the Writers’ Guild of Norway for the norwegian version at the Norwegian Short Film Festival. It exhibited at Galleri F-15 and the annual Autumn Exhibition, Kunstneres Hus, OsloThe film is 23 min. long and the most comprehensive work Torp has made ​​to date.

For the norwegian version Torp received a diploma and an honorable mention from the Norwegian Dramatiker (playwriter) assosiation for screenwriting at the Norwegian short film Festival.  Premiere was at Gallery F-15 and National annual exhibition. Supported by the norwegian artist´s compensation fund and Norwegian Council and Østfold county / municipality of Fredrikstad.

Faith, Hope and Honesty © 

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White Lies White Light

White Lights White Light, still image blue

White Lights White Light, still image blue

White Lies White Light
Experimental animation
HD 16:9, 2.30 min.
2d, mixed media, ink on paper, crayons.
My ego wants fear,prayers for the world.

To see this movie please contact me. More video art here!

Healers And Helpers

shaman-series-no-7  84 x 59 cm

Shaman series

Shaman series#,
acrylic on paper, 69 X 84 cm
To Those who act intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual, divining the hidden wisdom.

First I thought it was my demons,then they started to talk and said “We are healers and helpers of all kinds”. In darkness, in pain.

Collections from films

I Give Birth To Aliens Helene Torp ©

I Give Birth To Aliens
Helene Torp ©

Lovesplash Lightlove

LoveSplash LightLove – ink on paper
by Helene Torp & Hege Liseth

n the exhibition L o v e s p l a s h L i g h t l o v e we conduct our respective oeuvre into a common world and it is difficult to say who did what in the works. We open up to share freely of each other’s ideas – mine are yours, and “I am you”. Through the artistic practice we question ownership. Identity through ownership is being challenged by the exchange and trust. Our artistic practice deals with the idea of going from the head to the heart, therefore we have called the exhibition Love Splash light love, since it is both physical (splash), uplifting, humorous and positively loaded.
From the press release: In this collaborative project Torp & Liseth were inspired by each other’s previous work, and a genuine fused world and a new universe has arisen. Paintings and drawings with colorful occult and an spiritual environment, where fantasy and reality are put under the microscope. The work has all performative elements. Movement of energy – expression to set things in motion are articulated in different ways. Hege Liseth and Helene Torp have both background in animation, and the paintings could be read as extensions of each other when the visual elements move from frame to frame. The paintings are inspired by the mandala tradition of moving outward and inward a unifying center. Organic and liquid with a theme that not only amazes but questioning the mundane and rational environment as we know it. The work bears the stamp of play, curiosity and craftsmanship skills to the medium.

1-1-2 Tuning In From The Galaxy

112 Tuning In From The Galaxy – gallery installation view. Collaboration with hege Liseth.
1-1-2 Tuning In From The Galaxy deals with spirituality, the power of thought and ” the seeker ” who sees the world in a rather different way than mainstream.

The work displays a series of portraits of a woman in a daily life situation. Her name is Kari Hanne Nyland and she is a channel for spiritual energy and masters. She tells us she has chosen to use her life to spread the light and love of the world and raise the spirit in the collective field.

The work also consists of five soundstations, each with its own headset, and channeled symbols and texts drawn directly on the wall.

Special thanks to Kari Hanne Nyland, Bengt Svensson and Rita Edvardsen for their contribution.

“Channeling … collective term for it to receive messages from another dimension or another real light level. Channeled message to be understood often as important knowledge transfers from beings with great insight into the factors that are hidden from ordinary people , especially to susceptible individuals. … The channeled knowledge can come from many sources … It may be knowledge from the Akashic Chronicle , a higher spiritual being or a deceased person ( spiritualism ). Messages can also come from guardian angels, entities in nature or the captain of a UFO. Kil – they are: Norwegian Encyclopedia, online edition.

Soundtrack: Lyshjelpere Fra En Annen Galakse 1:30 min (Helpers Of Light From Another Galaxy, for now the soundtrack is in Nourwegian only)

Channeling, sound & drawings: Kari Hanne Nyland[/bscolumns][bscolumns][/bscolumns]





Photo: Bengt Svensson