LoveSplash LightLove – ink on paper
by Helene Torp & Hege Liseth

n the exhibition L o v e s p l a s h L i g h t l o v e we conduct our respective oeuvre into a common world and it is difficult to say who did what in the works. We open up to share freely of each other’s ideas – mine are yours, and “I am you”. Through the artistic practice we question ownership. Identity through ownership is being challenged by the exchange and trust. Our artistic practice deals with the idea of going from the head to the heart, therefore we have called the exhibition Love Splash light love, since it is both physical (splash), uplifting, humorous and positively loaded.
From the press release: In this collaborative project Torp & Liseth were inspired by each other’s previous work, and a genuine fused world and a new universe has arisen. Paintings and drawings with colorful occult and an spiritual environment, where fantasy and reality are put under the microscope. The work has all performative elements. Movement of energy – expression to set things in motion are articulated in different ways. Hege Liseth and Helene Torp have both background in animation, and the paintings could be read as extensions of each other when the visual elements move from frame to frame. The paintings are inspired by the mandala tradition of moving outward and inward a unifying center. Organic and liquid with a theme that not only amazes but questioning the mundane and rational environment as we know it. The work bears the stamp of play, curiosity and craftsmanship skills to the medium.