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Public art

“LoveSplash LightLove”

Ink drawings, perplex frame. Torp & Liseth 2013

In relation to the exhibition Lovesplash Lightlove, we made a serie of round perplex mounted ink-drawings. We would like to have the opportunity to develop this “splash” of drawings for a specific site.

View the drawings for the exhibition HERE1461138_325629047579343_1244079976_n

“Endless Love“

Idea for wallpainting, Torp & Liseth 2013

Competition proposal for a hospital chapel / Konkurranse utkast for kapellet, Nytt sykehus Østfold.

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Video animation, Oslo Central station, Helene Torp 2008

The film won the competition, “Privatlivets Fred” (Private Life), and was shown at Oslo Central station (Oct/Nov 2008), initiated by Koro (Public Art Norway), the Data Inspectorate and Rom for kunst Mesen.

View more HERE112a1307

Healers And Helpers

shaman-series-no-7  84 x 59 cm

Shaman series

Shaman series#,
acrylic on paper, 69 X 84 cm
To Those who act intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual, divining the hidden wisdom.

First I thought it was my demons,then they started to talk and said “We are healers and helpers of all kinds”. In darkness, in pain.


Healers And Helpers Of All Kinds “Healers and helpers of all kinds” I go on a trip into space, In nature, I meet some animals or play with a world,In That world I can shape and move past, present and future. I do not know what’s true or not, honesty. Art is a way to survive, it gives me access to infinite space of conversations with the world. I want to awake a wonder or inspiration for you to live on earth too. Art is a kind of first aid kit and a medicine, It heals,but it does not cover up the wounds”

I update this web page continually. Contact me for available works.