We investigate how to approach a world where we see that peace is possible. In this project we invite people to commune and share in the the artwork “Do we fight for peace?”

Yoko Ono uses the inspiring words “Imagine Peace” and “War Is Over If We Want It”. Is there really a chance we have in a world in constant war? Do we as individuals have influence above the world of war and peace?

We fill the gallery space with your, our and other people’s thoughts on this topic. Without making politics of art, we intend to inspire new perspectives and to promote and expand the idea beyond the conflict premise used in massmedia today. We see it as an exercise for ourselves “from ego to beingness” where everything is possible and where the difference is the choice of every human being.

We showed this project first time in the Noisy Prayer exhibition at Galleri Vulcan in Oslo, September 2014. 30 people contributed with texts on the topic. This is an ongoing project. We will continue to commune.

Do you have any thoughts, ideas, inspirations?

How do you think we could be the difference?

As a basis for the discussion, we have this time chosen to use a video of Mooji, a spiritual leader who takes up questions of identity and struggle. Here, he discusses human identity and how conflicts arise and can be dissolved. The video is intended as inspiration, regardless of any belief system or political views.

Full text from all contributors, september 2014 HERE

Video link Mooji: http://vimeo.com/103323348

Contributors September 2014:

Katrine Apspaas, David Tehrani, Tulle Ruth, Eli Rudshagen, Mona Sprenger, Steinar Bryn, Jan- Kåre Fjeld, Anders Eiebakke, Gunn Møller, Ambrika Christen, Reidun Haavik, Anniken Huitfelt, Camillo Løken, Synnøve Nuria Løken, Bengt Svensson, Katrine Lee Hauger, Kjersti Okkelmo, Ninni Brede Rossavik, Espen Grafitti, Rune Kreuz, Bodil Røvik-Larsen, Liv Børsand, Richard Dion, Wenke Anita Sele, Ebba Moi, Hilde Salvesen, Nina Sandaker-Wehn, Wenke Anita Sele.

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Do we fight for peace? Del 1. Nå er bilder og tekster lagt ut. 26 bidrag ble det til utstillingen Noisy Prayer i september. Her er det tekster som berører den delen av oss som er håpefull og kraftfull til endring og gjennomslag. Ansvar uten handlingslammelser. Takk til Kathrine AspaasLiv Børsand Anders Eiebakke  Ebba Moi Camillo Løken Anniken Huitfeldt, Espen Grafitti Wenke Anita Sele Bengt Svensson Bodil Røvik-Larsen Steinar Bryn, Reidun Haavik Nina Sandaker Wehn Katrine Legg Hauger  Eli Rudshagen  Mona Sprenger  Ninni Brede Rossavik  Rune Kreutz Richard Dion, Synnøve Nuria G Løken  Tulle Ruth  Gunn Møller  Hilde Salvesen Jan-Kåre Fjeld  David Tehrani  Ambika Christen  Kjersti Okkelmo som valgte å delta ta action og vise retning. Takk!! Del gjerne videre.Mvh;  Helene Torp &Hege Liseth i Torp & Liseth Alt materiale finner du her:


 Do we fight for peace? Part 1. Now, photographs and texts posted. 26 contributions were to exhibit Noisy Prayer in September.  Texts that touches the part of us that is hopeful and powerful to change and impact. Responsibility without action paralysis. Thanks to who chose to participate take action and show direction Kathrine Aspaas, Liv Børsand, Anders Eiebakke, Ebba Moi, Camillo Løken, Anniken Huitfeldt, Espen Grafitti, Wenke Anita Sele, Bengt Svensson, Bodil Røvik-Larsen Steinar Bryn, Reidun Haavik Nina Sandaker Wehn Katrine Legg Hauger  Eli Rudshagen  Mona Sprenger, Ninni Brede Rossavik, Rune Kreutz Richard Dion, Synnøve Nuria G Løken, Tulle Ruth, Gunn Møller, Hilde Salvesen, Jan-Kåre Fjeld, David Tehrani, Ambika Christen, Kjersti Okkelmo. Thank you !! Please share videre.Mvh; Helene Torp & Hege Liseth in Torp & Liseth All material found here: